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Vision Statement

Our Vision Statement

Gordon City Library will continue to strive to meet the needs of all residents, especially children, families, and senior citizens with updated library materials in a variety of formats, access to the Internet, and educational programs.

Patrons using the library will be welcomed by a friendly and knowledgeable staff into a setting which stimulates inquiry and creative thinking.

The library will maintain strong promotional efforts, which will result in a community constantly aware of the library’s resources and programs. With the support generated and the help of volunteers, the library will have adequate means to develop in all areas and to contribute toward the high quality of life enjoyed in our area.

Vision Statement approved February 2007 by the Gordon City Library Board of Trustees

The Current Members of the Board of Trustees Are:

Mary Jo Moore, President
Toni Siders, Vice President
Kay Kruger, Secretary
Sharon Fochtman
Kris Brice





  1. Lynnet Auker Keihl Lynnet Auker Keihl

    Does the library have a cemetery listing for Hester (Auker) Wasmund (who died 15 Dec 1937) and her husband Charles Andrew Wasmund (who died 2 Mar 1937)?
    Do you have an obituary for Hester and Charles?
    Thank you for any assistance you can give me with this request.

    • Hi, Lynnet. The cemetery records are kept at the Gordon City Office. You can contact Kim or Glen at (308) 282-0837 or by email at We have some old newspapers on microfiche here at the library, but no way to copy the records other than handwriting them. If you decide you want to go that way, feel free to contact us at or (308) 282-1198. Thanks for your question! -Rachael

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