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Bookshelf: See how many checkouts you have left on your account, what items you have checked out, or remove materials from your cart if you have decided not to check out (this must be done BEFORE the “Confirm & Download” step of the checkout process).

Holds: View titles that you have a hold on and see how many are ahead of you on the waiting list.

Lists: View titles that you have on your wish-list to read and whether they are available for checkout or not (indicated by the icon in the upper right-hand corner of the title’s picture: grey – unavailable, black – available).

Settings: Adjust the lending period for the materials you wish to check out with your account under the “Settings” menu on the right side of the page (this must be done BEFORE you check the materials out).


I accidentally deleted my material from my device/computer before I was done with it! Now what?
If you accidentally delete your material from your device or your computer, you can simply sign in at, select “My Account” then “My Bookshelf” and download the file(s) again! For some titles this can only be done 3 times. The date that your materials are due back is not affected by downloading the files again.

Why can’t I check out the title(s) I want?
There are only a limited number of copies of titles held by the Nebraska Library Commission OverDrive service. If the copies are already checked out by other users they are unavailable for checkout until returned by those users. The status of a title (available or unavailable) is indicated in the upper right corner of the title picture. A black icon means the title is available, a grayed-out icon means that all copies of the title are currently checked out. You can place a hold on the unavailable title and you will be notified when a copy becomes available for checkout.

Please contact us at the library if you have any questions or need additional assistance!

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