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“New” Large Prints Available

The Gordon City Library has added 33 large print books thanks to a generous donation.

Titles are:
The first patient (M. Palmer)
The fifth vial (M.  Palmer)
The kitchen house (K. Grissom)
Nights of rain and stars (M. Binchy)
The secret between us (B. Delinsky)
The gift (R. P. Evans)
Lost December (R.P. Evans)
Vanish (T. Gerritsen)
Dinner with a perfect stranger (D. Gregory)
A Christmas star (T. Kinkade)
1105 Yakima Street (D. Macomber)
1225 Christmas Tree Lane (D. Macomber)
Keeping time (S. McGlynn)
A McKetrick Christmas (L. L. Miller)
Monday mourning (K. Reichs)
At first sight (N. Sparks)
The choice (N. Sparks)
True believer (N. Sparks)
Honor thyself (D. Steel)
Hotel Vendome (D. Steel)
One day at a time (D. Steel)
The seventeen second miracle (J. Wright)
Love Finds You in Valentine, Nebraska ( I. Brand)
Love Finds You in Holiday, Florida (S. Bricker)
Love Finds You in Amana, Iowa (M. Dobson)
Love Finds You in Bridal Veil, Oregon (M. Ferrell)
Love Finds You in Lonesome Prairie, Montana (T. Goyer & O. Fleiss)
Love Finds You in Hope, Kansas (P. Griffin)
Love Finds You in Poetry, Texas (J. Hanna)
Love Finds You in North Pole, Alaska (L. Lough)
Love Finds You in Paradise, Pennsylvania (L. Lough)
Love Finds You in Calico, California (E. Ludwig)
Love Finds You in Sugarcreek, Ohio (S. Miller)

Stop in and check one out today!

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